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The World of Digital Orthodontics and Digital Ortho Labs 

The use of digital technology in the field of orthodontics gives rise to a new world of diagnostic and treatment methods that are just as efficient and effective don't worry our Orthodontic Laboratory is learning with you. Digital orthodontics reduces workflow on the Doctors side by reducing chair-time, and while appliances created with digital improves patient satisfaction and comfort, digital is and we do warn expensive at $8 to $15 per arch it adds quickly, 

Calibration and Operator
Determine Accuracy


Like it predecessor the non digital way, the Digital way is accurate and fits as an appliance made from an impression  does (should it be scanned right and be calibrated correctly, other wise the appliance will fit the 3D printed model but not the patients mouth.) If you had trouble with your last lab with the appliance fitting not right, calibration on the 3D scanner may be needed, or the one using the 3D scanner to scan patients mouth may need a quick session to learn how to take 3D scans so like the old way the orthodontic appliance will not only snap fit on the 3D printed model but snap to fit in the patients mouth as well.

Olympic Laboratories keeps its Objet30 Orthodesk 3D printer calibrated making 3D prints ones of quality and accuracy

Anything A Physical Impression Can Do,
Digital Can Match


With 3D imaging, orthodontists can scan their patient's mouth with an intraoral scanner, Itero is one type of scanner or should you need to  it can be sent by email, currently we are working on getting easyRX a digital RX allowing you to do all the things you do on paper to be done digitally. Eliminating the need for traditional impressions we can make any pedodontic and orthodontic appliance that we offer on non digital models which will fit beautifully. That is right with the patients scan, Olympic Orthodontic Laboratory can print a digital model from which we can make any appliances with or if you really want to save money take your Digital scan of the patient and print a $12 model (that is per arch.) and have your Study model done in the traditional way which is stone even the option of soaped or not, names as well as other info can even be put on. Saving you money and we know its approved by the board of orthodontics, as well as holds up in court.