75 Years, working with over
500 Doctors, Seating Over
150,000 Pedodontic and Orthodontic Appliances

Olympic Orthodontic Laboratories logo in the design process back in 1942.

An Orthodontic Laboratory, Olympic Laboratories also known as Olympic Orthodontic Laboratories is located in Costa Mesa California owned and operated by the same family for over 75 years and has been in business since 1935 under the first owner back when Olympic Laboratories was located on Olympic. The ortho lab technicians here at Olympic's are extensive in knowledge of the orthodontic field, with our wide array of services, products, our expert  dependable  technicians can work as a team and in unison to provide a service that follows the Doctors instructions. Should something not look right on the prescription you provide our ortho lab will call to verify. These are a few of the reasons why many doctors have preferred An Orthodontic Laboratory, Olympic Laboratories since 1935.

being a full service orthodontic laboratory offering most functional and fixed appliances is a must, and can fabricate almost any appliance your practice may need by working with your practice and designing exactly what is wanted. We provide an extensive selection of retainers, aligners, night guards, sports guards, expansion and distalizing appliances, and auxiliaries. 


From Digital To Appliance
Or Even Study Models

Study models can be poured and completed to your specification and to any stage you prefer even your Digital scans can be made into stone and made in a way the board has always excepted. All appliances done by Olympic Orthodontic Laboratories can be fabricated in a variety of patterns, colors, and special order designs, as long as your office can communicate what it is you exactly want our Lab can make it. Using the full color wheel by mixing our Ortho Technicians are also artist who love to create something that will bring a smile to your patients face. We have many patterns (ask us.) This means your Ortho patients can create design that individualize their appliance as so many patients like there retainers to be.

An appliance Olympics Lab made using models from our Objet30 Orthodesk Printer.

8 Decades and 3 Generations
Of Doctors, Olympic Orthodontic Labs
Is Still Going Strong


An Orthodontic Laboratory, Olympic Laboratories team of technicians have over 80 years of experience in the orthodontic field. As well as the Lab being over 8 decades itself we've experienced a lot in the world of orthodontics and has allowed us to work for some of the countries most famous Orthodontist making our staff some of the most qualified Orthodontic technicians not like other  orthodontic laboratories our staff has training, and knowledge that that can only be gained by cold hard experience, Olympic Laboratories really can talk to Doctors and help them create new creations, or inventions a true honor to be given that chance and we enjoy it very much . Due to our experience and talented Technicians we have also had the honor of working with universities watching   new Doctors bloom and shine, especially when they receive appliances that function correctly as well as please the patients visually. Our orthodontic dental lab Olympic Labs has worked with doctors spanning 3 generations. Olympic doesn't need to know that our ingenuity is something sought after but the Doctors tell us anyways, to which we can't help but smile because truth is without out you the Doctor and staff none of this would be possible.

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