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The Miracle of Digital Orthodontics

Updated: May 15, 2018

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Nicole Outten can't wait to bite into all the forbidden food when one has braces. After three years with braces, the 14-year-old got her braces removed by Dr. Gordon Honig's orthodontic practice, to reveal a perfect pearly white smile .

Patients Experience for the first time having an Impression done digitally vs alginate or other materials
No more chocking on impression material

No More Gagging or Waiting for Alginate to Set

They did this with out gooey alginate impression instead using an itraoral scanner, in about 10 minutes those scanned shots were sent to a lab were her new retainers were made and delivered in about a week It's more interesting and it's fun," Nicole said after her procedure. "It was really different." And the best part about no longer needing to do a traditional mold? "I don't gag," she said.

Digital Making a Big Impression we'll See If It Is Here to Stay

Digital impression technology is being used to streamline the patient process and provide a more comfortable visit. "The technology is sweeping across the industry," said Dr. Robert J. Kacmarcik Jr., president of the Delaware State Dental Society. "It's expanding every day."

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