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Orthodontic Retainers: devices made of clear or colored acrylic designed to be a custom fit they are used after surgery to retain shape of or any other method where it is needed to retain after realignment of the teeth. Retainers can also be used to shift and move teeth examples would be springs or clasps.

  • Hawley with One Pair Clasps

  • Hawley Spring Retainer

  • Wrap Around Labial

  • Spring Retainer (3 x 3)

  • Essix Retainer

  • Mouthguard

  • Bleaching Trays

  • Clear Retainer

Hawley Retainer Including Spring Defined:
Can be used primarily as a holding appliance for patients that have gone through complete orthodontic treatment, or may also be used to make minor adjustments to the alignment of teeth, whether posterior or anterior on the maxillary and/or mandibular. retention can be done in multiple ways either by a Soldered c clasp now also laser welded off the Hawley loop to the bicuspids labially or by using a combination of any Adams clasp, or balls clasps or c clasps. You may also add individual tooth 
movement springs.

Wrap Around Labial otherwise known as a Circumferential Hawley: Essentially the same as a Hawley but allows the Doctor the benefits of a Hawley while adding the advantage of being able to 
close the distance between the Molars and bi cuspids in one appliance.

Spring Retainer (3x3):  is one way of realigning primarily anterior teeth by re-positioning a tooth on the model so when inserted into a patients mouth it forces the tooth into the desired alignment.

Essix Retainer: 

Retainer Color Chart
Retainer Color Chart